Marble basin creates artistic presence in the bathroom

Marble, in all its many forms, is once again the hero of interiors. From bench tops and flooring to vanities and even bedlinen, the delicate striations of marble are gracing all aspects of our interiors. Kohler’s latest introduction – the beautiful Carrara marble Botticelli marble basin – is a stand out.

Botticelli marble basin

The beautiful Botticelli marble basin, paired with the Stillness wall mount basin set.

Named after the Florentine renaissance artist the Botticelli is hand-formed from a single piece of Carrara marble – so no two basins are exactly the same.

A beautifully formed circular vessel, the Botticelli is from the Artist Editions collection, has a 550mm diameter, 110mm height and features a wide, rolled rim that brings sculptural drama to the bathroom.

Made from just one piece of Carrara marble.

Made from just one piece of Carrara marble.

The finely honed Carrara marble is utterly smooth to the touch – no ridges, indentations or blemishes. It really is a work of art in its own right.

Designed to sit atop a vanity – marble, granite or timber for example – the Botticelli marble basin can be used with either bench mount or wall mounted tapware.

Botticelli marble basin

Botticelli marble basin with Purist wall mount basin set.

Global bathroom design trends with guest Darren Genner

Check out the latest from our Global Bathroom Design Trends series, this time an exclusive interview with Darren Genner – design director and founder of Minosa Design based in Sydney.

For more videos in the series, as well as a video on the Kohler Design Forum, please see below:

Kelly Gammie – Eucalyptus Design

Kohler Design Forum – Singapore

Cuff – Kohler’s new 6 Star Rated tapware

Kohler has combined soft, organic aesthetics with a strong stand on sustainability with its new 6 star WELS rated Cuff collection of basin mixers.

Cuff 6 Star Rated Basin Mixer

Cuff 6 Star Rated Tall Basin Mixer

Featuring classically refined profiles of curves and oval shapes the Cuff tapware range is both understated and devoid of unnecessary embellishment. The lever control, spout and body are a series of oval cylinders that are the perfect choice for bathrooms with statement finishes where no competition is required!

Cuff 6 Star Basin Mixer

The Cuff 6 Star Rated Basin Mixer

Cuff 6 Star Rated Tall Basin Mixer

Cuff 6 Star Rated Tall Basin Mixer

The Cuff Eco Basin Mixer and Tall Eco Basin Mixer both have an impressive 6 star WELS rating using only 4.2 litres of water a minute. Their gleaming good looks will be retained for the long term thanks to Kohler’s polished chrome that resists both corrosion and
tarnishing. Both the Eco Basin Mixer and Tall Eco Basin Mixer have a ceramic disc valve and consumers are able to adjust both the water temperature and pressure to individual needs.

Other tapware in the range includes a matching shower/bath mixer, with and without diverter.

Cuff Bath or Shower Mixer

Cuff Bath or Shower Mixer

Cuff  Bath and Shower Mixer with Diverter

Cuff Bath and Shower Mixer with Diverter

Glass basins make a glass act in the bathroom

April 26, 2016 | Posted in: Basins,Bathroom,Bathroom Design,New Products

Glass has a beautifully versatile, fluid nature that links it inextricably with water – and therefore the bathroom. Perhaps this explains the renewed interest in glass countertop basins?

Global bathroom specialist, Kohler, has added another hand-made glass basin to its Artist Editions Nature’s Chemistry collection in response to rising demand for hand made, authentic products that are timelessly beautiful and endlessly tactile.

Kohler’s team of artisans follow a production process that can take days to produce the finished basin – heating, pouring and cooling glass to capture the right form and texture, colour and translucency, shaping basins that range from smooth and sculptural to intricate and patterned.

The Briolette is the latest addition. From its roots in ancient India to its discovery by European royals, the Briolette was an exceptional oval or pear-shaped gemstone cut in triangular facets.

Briolette Vessel Basin

The stunning Briolette Faceted Vessel Basin.


It was and still is one of the most distinctive gemstone cuts. The Briolette countertop basin builds on this tradition with its uniquely faceted shape creating a striking, reflective effect with delicately textured glass and comes in four colour options – Ice, Translucent Dusk, Translucent Dew and Translucent Doe. It stands almost 120mm high with a diameter of 437mm and is perfectly suited to either wall or hob mounted mixer taps.

Briolette Basins

The Briolette Vessel Basin comes in four different colour options: (Clockwise from top left) Ice, Translucent Dew, Translucent Dusk, Translucent Doe.

Kallos and the Antilia Wading Pool are also standout glass basin inclusions in the Artist Editions Nature’s Chemistry Collection. The latter is a slab of shallowly concave cast glass, 700x425x56mm, featuring slightly curved edges and a subtle, rippled texture that together convey the substantial force of nature and its shifting fluidity. This too is a counter top design.

Antilia Wading Pool Glass Basin

Part of the Artist Edition – Nature’s Chemistry range, the Antilia Wading Pool Glass Basin

Kallos, named for the Greek word meaning beauty or grace, is an undercounter basin that draws on the rich tradition of ancient artistry. Its faceted pattern recalls the coffered dome of Rome’s ancient Pantheon, recreated in spun glass. The fine cut glass design conceals items stored in the vanity beneath the bowl while its light-reflective facets create captivating patterns in light and colour. It has a diameter of 400mm and a depth of 137mm.

Basins - Kallos Spun Glass with Margaux tapware

Kallos Spun Glass Undercounter Basin with Margaux tapware

Bathroom trends … Salone Bagno Milan 2016

April 18, 2016 | Posted in: Basins,Bathroom,Bathroom Design,News

SaloneBagno 2016, part of Milan Design Week, saw 200 exhibitors – in two vast halls covering an area of more than 19,000 square metres – give a taste of what we can expect bathroom trends to bring over the next couple of years.

Kohler made an entrée into the Design Fair this year hosting a magnificent dinner at the 17th century Palazzo Durini, Milano. About 100 guests enjoyed the finest Italian fare in a magical setting in the palace’s courtyard.

Salone Bagno - Kohler

Durini Palace in Milan – the Kohler launch evening

Kohler at Salone Bagno

Salone Bagno – Kohler Dinner at Durini Palace

Kohler followed this with a design trends presentation, given by Mark Bickerstaffe, over the next two consecutive days attended by visiting architects, designers and retailers.

Kohler at Salone Bagno Milan 2016

Kohler display at Durini Palace.

Future bathroom trends were once again comprehensively displayed at the Salone Bagno with timbers, metals and pattern going mainstream. The look was overwhelmingly organic and serenely practical while other themes included the fantastical, the colourful and the whimsical.

Salone Bagno Milan 2016

Spun glass basin on pedestal.

Salone Bagno Milan 2016

Metallics are still popular at the 2016 Bathroom Design Exhibition.

Salone Bagno Milan 2016

Floating timber vanities still feature strongly.

Black tapware had virtually disappeared this year – to be replaced by metals in various tones. Stones, marble and vibrant colour were also prominent bathroom finishes – with bold colour being more of an accent than mainstream.

Salone Bagno Milan 2016

Metallics shone through at Milan 2016 – this time in basins.

Salone Bagno Milan 2016

Marbles and textures were a stand-out.

With a focus on convenience and practicality we saw concealed storage in vanities – lift the counter lid to reveal spacious storage – and flexible basins made from polyurethane.

Salone Bagno Milan 2016

Practical storage solutions – undercounter shelving.

Colour and pattern were everywhere – in sophisticated tiles that exude the ‘wow’ factor, coloured basins, industrial-style tap handles (but not so much tap bodies) and upholstered baths. In a ‘why-didn’t-we-think-of-this-before’ moment, wall hung toilets and bidets featured patterns, embellishment and even timber (which was the stand out) on the exterior of the bowls.

Salone Bagno Milan 2016

Patterned basins …

Salone Bagno Milan 2016

…through to mix’n’match patterned toilet and bidet combo’s.

Salone Bagno Milan 2016

Matching toilet and bidet suites were a talking point.

In futuristic mode were the collection of ‘chromatherapy’ baths – semi translucent baths lit internally with LED coloured lights.

And bambini were included in the SaloneBagno offering with a collection of whimsical baths and basins in the shape of tea cups and cup cakes, straight out of Alice in Wonderland.

Salone Bagno Milan 2016

Whimsical ‘Alice in Wonderland’ style bathroom fixtures featured in 2016.

Salone Bagno Milan 2016

Fun cupcake suites for the bambini.

Salone Bagno Milan 2016

Teatime teddy?

Salone Bagno Milan 2016

… and matching teatime basin.

Botanic Homes showcases Kohler bathroom products

April 8, 2016 | Posted in: Basins,Bathroom,Bathroom Design,News

Further expanding their product accessibility, Kohler are now collaborating with award winning home builder Botanic Homes in Victoria.

Kohler and Botanic Homes

Since 2008 Botanic Homes have been making dreams become a reality for hundreds of families across Melbourne. It’s their inclusions that have set a benchmark in the industry – using premium brands and the finest quality fittings and fixtures.

Botanic Homes director Rob Bender says “At Botanic Homes we are passionate about building and uncompromising with quality. We are completely committed to delivering a finished product to our clients that is beyond their expectations so they can create wonderful family memories.

The Kohler products we use are reflective of the quality we are accustomed to compliment the aspects of everyday opulence we exhibit in our designs.”

Botanic Homes’ latest display homes, situated at Clarinda Park in Cranbourne West, are the Daintree 27 and Riva 43 – both incorporating Kohler bathrooms products including the Reach Back to Wall toilet, Parliament countertop basins and Reve vessel basins.

Daintree 27 is a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home featuring the practicality of a functional layout combined with the ambience of a resort inspired villa. This villa includes the Reach Back to Wall toilet and Parliament basins.

Kohler and Botanic Homes

The Parliament Vessel Basins feature in the Daintree 27 show home.

Kohler and Botanic Homes

Parliament countertop basin in the Daintree 27 showhome.

Kohler and Botanic Homes

The Reach Back to Wall Toilet in the Daintree 27 show home powder room.

The Riva 43 – also a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home – brings style and space together with luxury features including second chef’s kitchen, vast living and dining. The five star master suite includes the Reach Back to Wall toilet with statement Reve Vessel basins.

Kohler and Botanic Homes

The Reve Vessel Basin features in the Riva 43 show home.

Kohler and Botanic Homes

Kohler features in Riva 43 Botanic Homes show homes in Cranbourne.

Find out more at

KOHLER Design Forum explores sustainability in hotel architecture and design

During Singapore Design Week 2016, Kohler Co. partnered with Sleeper magazine to host the first KOHLER Design Forum. With more than 120 major hospitality and trade management experts in attendance, industry thought leaders and leading architects discussed ideas around “Delivering Sustainability as Standard.”

Kohler Design Forum - Singapore

Kohler Design Forum – Singapore March 2016

Guest speakers leading the exchange include renowned industry thought leaders and leading architects Bill Bensley and Duangrit Bunnag, Guy Heywood, COO, Asia, Commune Hotels + Resorts, and Mark Bickerstaffe from Kohler.

Kohler Design Forum speakers

Kohler Design Forum speakers – (left to right) Bill Bensley, Mark Bickerstaffe, Duangrit Bunnag and Guy Heywood.

During the session, the speakers discussed how to maximize environmental sustainability through design in the hospitality landscape.


Mark Bickerstaffe, Kohler’s Director of New Product Development shared the company’s commitment to sustainability. Dubbed ‘Net Zero 2035’, Kohler seeks to achieve the goal of a net-zero environmental footprint for both greenhouse gas emissions and net waste to landfill by 2035.

Kohler Design Forum_Mark Bickerstaffe

Kohler’s Mark Bickerstaffe shares Kohler’s commitment to sustainability.

Another project in the sustainability pipeline is Kohler’s closed-loop flush toilet systems, developed in collaboration with Caltech. Targeted at developing world locations without access to adequate sanitation, the toilet system includes a self-contained water purification and disinfection system that allows water to be reused and does not require waste-water disposal.

Kohler's toilet travels to Delhi for "Reinvent the Toilet Fair"

Kohler’s solar powered toilet travels to Delhi for the “Reinvent the Toilet Fair”

Bill Bensley, renowned architect and landscape designer of exotic luxury resorts, gave an insight into how architecture can minimize the disruption to both the environment and local communities. With his latest project, Shinta Mani Wild in Tmor Rung, Bensley creates a one-of-a-kind glamping experience for guests where wildlife co-exist alongside humans. Seeking to empower local community through education and employment as well as farming locally, Bensley’s vision for Shinta Mani Wild is to be a fully self-sustaining entity.

Kohler Design Forum_Ben Bensley

Speaker Ben Bensley – renowned architect and landscape designer of luxury resorts including Four Seasons and Intercontintental resorts.

Duangrit Bunnag, leading Thai architect, spoke about how ecological and purposeful design reduces the impact on the environment. Through doing away with excess and utilising only the bare essentials, he challenged the attendees to think about and reflect on the importance of sustainability not just within the domains of hospitality and design, but in the context of our day to day living.

Kohler Design Forum_Duangrit Bunnag

Guest speaker Duangrit Bunnag, leading Thai architect specialising in hospitality and resort design.

To wrap up the forum, Guy Heywood, Chief Operating Officer, Asia, Commune Hotels + Resorts, joined the speakers for a panel discussion on the feasibility of striking a balance between investing in the environment for the benefit of the planet and the bottom line for businesses, particularly that of the hospitality industry.

Kohler Design Forum_Guy Heywood

Guy Heywood, Chief Operating Officer, Asia, Commune Hotels + Resorts, joined the speakers for a panel discussion.

Nothing sums up the Kohler Design forum as well as this quote from David Kohler, Kohler’s President and Chief Executive Officer, “Business success doesn’t matter much if we can’t say we left the world a better place than we found it.”


New Petaline basin pairs petals with water

March 7, 2016 | Posted in: Uncategorized

Taking directly from nature and utilising a vintage medium, Kohler’s new basin offering is both organic in form and striking in appearance.

Petaline basin

Petaline’s profile cuts a sharp and striking silhouette.

Petaline, inspired by a single petal, is a generous bench-top basin in cast iron with black enamel finish. In a feat of engineering mastery the 615mm long vessel is counter-balanced to create a vision of elegance and seemingly impossible poise.

Petaline basin

The Petaline Basin is 615mm wide, 310mm (front to back) and 133mm high.

The beautifully organic and striking shape of the Petaline creates a bold visual focus in any bathroom and works equally well with natural stone and metals, or timber and glass.

Designed to sit atop a counter or vanity the vessel basin can be installed with benchmount mixer taps or wall mount tapware. And while polished chrome tapware is an obvious pairing the Petaline will work equally well with the increasingly popular rose gold finish.

Petaline measures 615mm wide, 310mm (back to front) and sits proudly on the bench-top.

Bold shapes are essential when selecting tapware for the Petaline – consider the statuesque Purist Single Lever Basin Mixer* or the beautifully clean lines of the Stillness and Loure wall mount basin mixers.

Petaline basin

Petaline cast iron basin with Stillness wall mount basin set.

* Purist Single Lever Basin Mixer available in New Zealand. Coming soon to Australia.

Our guest Blogger Deborah Bibby from Real Living on bathrooms

March 1, 2016 | Posted in: Bathroom,Bathroom Design,Guest Blogger

Our Guest Blogger this month is the amazing Deborah Bibby – editor-in-chief of Real Living – one of our favourite magazines!

Deborah Bibby - Real Living

The gorgeous Deborah Bibby, editor-in-chief at Real Living magazine

Last year Deborah visited the home of Kohler and has generously offered to share her Kohler experience with us. Here’s her story …

“Imagine my excitement at being invited to Kohler, Wisconsin, in October last year to meet editors from around the world, hear all the HOT trends in kitchens and bathrooms and, I suspect, be spoilt a little (shh). I couldn’t pack my bag fast enough. On the way there I took a sneaky stopover for a week in Kauai, Hawaii (first proper holiday in two years!) That was heaven but so much more to come: landing in Chicago and being chauffeured to Wisconsin I felt like a rock star arriving at the beautiful five-star, five-diamond-rated The American Club, built in 1918 and restored to its beautiful self in 1981.

The American Club at Kohler

Kohler’s The American Club – this Tudor style red-brick building once once a dormitory for Kohler’s immigrant workers!

There were two serious highlights for me – besides the luxurious lavender rain shower at Kohler Waters Spa, OMG! and learning how they make a bath at the foundry, who would’ve known? – was the visit to the Kohler Design Center before all the crew arrived. I had one day to myself and got completely lost in there for the entire day. It is packed with solutions for bathrooms like I’ve never seen before and, as it was the year of my renovation, I gobbled it up – a genuinely inspiring space to solve any design dilemmas.

Kohler Design Center

The Kohler Design Center – Kohler, Wisconsin

Kohler Design Center

The Kohler Design Center

The other highlight was listening to the trends delivered by global creative director Tristan Butterfield and director of new product development Mark Bickerstaffe. They both got me super- charged, inspired and scribbling notes like a crazy woman, no kidding!

Tristan Butterfield

Chilling out with global creative director – Tristan Butterfield

This is what I learned:

  • Don’t follow trends, understand them.
  • Watch out for Jumbled Colour and Ombre Chic with high-colour saturation. Since my return I’ve come across ombre glass, ombre mirrors, ombre hair, ombre towels, linen and the list goes on…
  • Playful pattern clashes will arrive and sour green is about to happen.
  • De Gournay too – how right you were, Tristan, just look at Gucci’s new range: De Gournay through and through.
  • Geometric tiles – yes, they are everywhere and delicious
  • Figured marble – well, marble everything.
  • Grey – can we get enough of it? Concrete grey, silvery grey, charcoal repeat…
  • Bleached neutrals won’t go away and neither will Scandi style, especially in Australia. I think it’s the new Aussie Beach Style.
  • Elevated mundane – I love that because, yes, we do need to elevate everything mundane.
  • Retreat and reset in the bathroom – don’t we all. Especially now with the pace of things. Give me a book and a bath – aaaahhh!
  • Metallics a beautiful mix of metallic rose gold, brass and Champagne. Rose gold is next in jewellery too – right again, Tristan.
  • Smokey Iridescence – yum.
  • Modularity – everything visualised in grid format like Pinterest and Instagram.
  • Captured atmosphere and extreme landscapes – they’re all being translated on homewares. Look at Aussie brand Pony Rider.
  • Texture that engages the fingertips – tactile, soft, gentle – stone, leather, ceramics.
  • The raw, the handmade, craft. Cork, ply, birch, terracotta, cement – the perfect example and arriving in Australia, foraging restaurants Hello NOMA. And how about Ilsa Crawford’s cork range for Ikea? I wasn’t quick enough – damn! Everything “Ilsa” sold out in a flash.
Kohler presentation

The design presentation by Mark Bickerstaffe and Tristan Butterfield at Kohler

Kohler trends

Trends from Kohler presentation … #Grey

Contemplate Well-being encompasses natural finshes, satins, pastels and bleached naturals

Contemplate Well-being encompasses natural finshes, satins, pastels and bleached naturals

Kohler Trends presentation

Kohler Trends presentation – playful patterns and colour clashes!

Listening to Tristan and Mark was like seeing a fortune teller and then watching it all unveil as 2016 arrived. I need to speak to Tristan and Mark at least once a year – Kohler, please bring me back or bring them to us!

I cannot wrap up without a mention of the swim in the heated pool at private club Riverbend. Only one person at Kohler could persuade you to jump into a pool at midnight – the charismatic chairman and chief executive Herbert Kohler. He reminded me of Hemingway and he too could’ve made me swim at midnight in winter!”

The American Club - Kohler

The secret pool at The Riverbend in Kohler, Wisconsin


The Derring basin – a daring new design from Kohler

Hand-made and featuring a rarely used rutile mineral glaze the Derring Wading Pool self-rimming basin, from the Artist Editions collection, is a study in textural beauty that cleverly combines glaze and pattern to create a palette of ever changing, light reflective neutral tones.

Kohler Derring Wading Pool Basin

The stunning Derring Wading Pool Self Rimming basin

The Derring pairs perfectly with a number of wall-mounted and benchtop mixer taps that together will capture the essence of the bathing space – particularly when teamed with stone or timber finishes.

Derring Basin

The new Derring Self Rimming Basin is a beautifully handcrafted piece that is one-of-a-kind.

The Derring Bourbon Rutile basin is 449mm in diameter and features a hand-applied mineral glaze over a carved textural pattern that together create a highly functional basin that is both easy to care for and durable. The hand-made process and natural glaze variations make each piece totally unique.

Kohler Derring Wading Pool Basin

Derring Wading Pool Basin

Designed by skilled craftsmen at the Kohler pottery in Koher, Wisconsin, each basin featuers an artisanal glaze making each basin totally unique

Kohler’s Artist Editions basins are inspired and designed by resident artists in the company pottery while skilled craftsmen decorate and finish each piece by hand.

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