New Kohler technical display showroom opens in Auckland

“Living on the Leading Edge of Design and Technology” is the cornerstone of what we do at Kohler, and in June we opened the new Kohler technical display showroom on Auckland’s North Shore.

New Kohler Auckland showroom

The new Kohler technical display showroom in Auckland

Aimed at architects, designers and consumers who want to experience the very latest in bathroom design and technology, this new showroom features an extensive range of the very latest Kohler products alongside working exhibits and luxurious mini-suites.

Bold and innovative, visitors will discover the highest quality in tapware finishes,  a range of the Artist Edition and Nature’s Chemistry basins and on-trend mini-suites featuring a range of complementary products.

Kohler NZ showroom

Escale Countertop basin and Purist basin mixer in new Kohler NZ technical showroom

The showroom also houses the popular Englefield brand, showcasing kitchen and bathing products including showers, baths, basins, tapware, and kitchen sinks.

New Kohler and Englefield showroom

Discover the “Total Bathroom Solution” when you visit the Englefield display in the new technical display showroom.

Englefield showroom

Englefield suite in the new Kohler technical display showroom.

The showroom has been designed in such a way to encourage customers to “try before they buy” with a full range of Kohler and Englefield drop-in baths able to be easily swapped in and out for trialing the size.

The showroom is open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday at 133 Diana Drive, Glenfield.

Low profile at the Forefront of basin design

Low-profile countertop basins are currently at the top of the wish list for bathroom renovators with Kohler reporting a strong preference for simple, pared back models teamed with bench or wall mount mixer taps.

Forefront basin and Stance basin mixer

Perfectly paired – the Forefront Square basin with the Stance Tall basin mixer

Two models epitomise the look – the Forefront Square countertop basin and the Forefront Rectangular design.

The former is ideal for more compact spaces or where there are twin basins installed side by side. Measuring 413mm with a height of 83mm the Forefront Square is a perfect example of timeless, understated design that works well in any style of bathroom.

Forefront basin

The Forefront square countertop basin with the Viteo wall mount basin set

The larger Forefront Rectangular Basin measures 585mm x 460mm and features integrated counterspace for toiletries and has a single tap hole.

basins - Forefront basin

Forefront rectangular basin with the July basin mixer

In addition there is a semi-recessed model, ideal for narrow vanities or bench tops. It features a single tap hole and compact dimensions of 420 x 460mm.

basins - forefront basin

Forefront semi recessed basin with Singulier basin mixer

Each of the Forefront basins, in sparkling vitreous china, is suitable for installation atop vanities and wall-hung bench tops.

To find a Kohler stockist near you – click here to view showroom locations.

Choosing the right bath …

Building or renovating? When it comes to choosing the right bath for your bathroom space, there are a number of key considerations to factor in.

First question …freestanding or built-in? This depends on two factors – space and functionality.

A freestanding bath takes more space than a built-in and also requires additional space for a table or shelf for toiletries.

Kohler Reve bath

Kohler Reve cast iron bath

Second question – shape? There is now a huge range of shapes available, especially in freestanding.

Take into consideration the overall design of the bathing space and any fittings that have already been selected – Kohler’s freestanding baths offer a choice of soft curves and clean, geometric lines
to echo tap, basin and accessory profiles.

Drop-in baths offer a choice of rectangular or oval shapes with or without lumbar supports and head pillows.

When choosing a freestanding bath check the weight and the structural supports of the bathroom – designs such as the Reve cast iron bath are heavier than acrylic options.

Reve Freestanding Bath

Kohler Reve bath, Reve wall hung basin, Stance tap and shower mixers, RainCan and Flipside handshower.

Size is another important consideration – lengths vary, in general, from 1675mm to 1800mm with some of the freestanding designs, such as the Askew, offering more generous proportions.

Askew Lithocast bath

The stunning Askew Freestanding Lithocast bath – smooth and stone-like in appearance.

While the choice of bath material used to be restricted to cast iron or simple acrylic there are now far more options. Lithocast baths for example, while made from a high grade acrylic, actually look like a finely honed white stone – but are warm to the touch and comfortable on the skin.

Kohler Abrazo bath

Abrazo Lithocast bath

The final consideration is one of luxury! Kohler leads the field in BubbleMassage technology whereby  a series of tiny holes, concealed around the lower perimeter of the bath, emits thousands of bubbles filled with warm air that support and massage the entire body, releasing muscle tension and gently relaxing the bather from head to toe.

Bathrooms - Escale BubbleMassage Baths

Escale Drop-in BubbleMassage bath

BubbleMassage technology is available in both built-in and freestanding baths.

Stillness tapware a perfect fit – Reno Rumble Reveal Week 5

In week 5 of the Reno Rumble challenge the Redbacks delivered a bathroom that the judges said made them feel like they were in a mansion!

Featuring Kohler Stillness tapware the judges, Romy and Darren, said the wall mount taps for both basin and bath were an absolutely perfect fit for the brief – which was “understated elegance.” A clever choice of fittings – and matching Stillness accessories – ensured this bathroom maximised its perception of space.

Stillness wall mount basin set

Stillness Wall Mount Basin set

The Ladena undercounter basin provides clean, crisp functionality without visual clutter…

Kohler Ladena Undercounter basin

The gently curved Ladena Undercounter basin

While the Reach Back to the Wall compact toilet was a perfect fit as it has a smaller footprint than conventional toilet suites with a 600mm projection.

Reach Compact Back to Wall Toilet Suite

New Reach Compact Back to Wall Toilet Suite

Elegance, simplicity and understated style are all hallmarks of this bathroom.

See the full bathroom reveals on our Victorian retail partner E&S Trading’s Reno Rumble website.

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Fashionable toilets from Kohler

While the words ‘fashion’ and ‘toilet’ seem unlikely partners there has been a definite trend emerging in toilet preferences. Australians, says Kohler, are showing a clear preference for the wall hung toilet, whereby the cistern is concealed within the wall.

Kohler has seen sales steadily climb in the wall hung models along with wall-faced models, a trend that is well established in Europe but has taken a little longer to catch on here.

Kohler Reve wall hung toilet

Suite featuring Kohler Reve wall hung toilet, Rythmik basin and Strayt basin mixer

Wall hung toilets have distinct advantages over any other type – they are fantastic space savers as the cisterns are concealed behind the wall, between the studs, so they take up far less floor space. Secondly, as there is a clear gap between the floor and the bowl of the toilet so it is extremely easy to clean this area.

Other benefits include the ability to position the toilet at a convenient height for the user while their streamlined design adds to a perception of space within the bathroom, perfect for more compact spaces.

Kohler Escale wall hung toilet. Rain Duet shower column.

Kohler Escale wall hung toilet. Rain Duet shower column.

The wall faced toilet is slightly different in that it sits on the floor but still conserves space within the room due to its in-wall cistern.

Kohler has recently just added the clean cut Viragio model to its existing range of three wall hung models, ensuring there is a profile suitable for any type of bathroom design.

Kohler Viragio wall hung toilet

Kohler Viragio wall hung toilet with Spherik basin

Ove and Viragio are both symmetrically curved in profile, offering no sharp corners or angles.

Escale and Reve meanwhile are square in design and work particularly well with sleek, contemporary bathrooms featuring lots of glass and metallic finishes.

All of the Kohler wall hung models feature four star WELS ratings with dual flush 4.5/3L. They also have quiet close seats engineered to close slowly with the slightest touch – and no slamming lid!

For those who prefer the floor standing model, Kohler has both the Reve and the Ove models in the wall-faced design.

Ove wall faced toilet

Kohler Ove wall faced toilet suite, with Reach handwash basin and Cuff basin mixer

There are two styles of dual flush button panels – oval and bevel – and easy access to the cistern, should there be a need, is gained through this panel.

Kohler features in Hamptons style bathroom – Reno Rumble Week 3

Week 3 of Channel Nine’s Renovation Rumble saw the Redbacks’ Ayden and Jess take out first place with their take on a Hamptons style bathroom featuring Kohler products throughout.

The Margaux range of tapware and matching accessories was the perfect choice with its timeless design that blends contemporary aesthetics with a touch of vintage glamour. They chose the basin set with cross handles for this bathroom and cleverly used the accessories from the same range to create a visual balance throughout the space.

Kohler Margaux with cross handles

The stunning Margaux 3 Taphole with cross handles

Bathroom accessories - Margaux towel bar

Margaux towel bar

An important inclusion for this busy space was the Kohler Rain Duet shower column – a combination of Katalyst overhead shower and hand shower. For those who like a drenching shower, safe in the knowledge they are still conserving water, then Katalyst technology is the perfect choice – it infuses two litres of air into the water stream every minute. The result is large, indulgent droplets of water – and plenty of them!

Kohler Rain Duet showering tapware

The Rain Duet with Round showerhead

The final piece for this Hamptons bathroom was the compact Reach Toilet – a streamlined, unobtrusive profile complete with quiet close seat and a 4 star WELS rating (4.5/3L/min).

Reach back to wall toilet

Kohler’s compact Reach back to wall suite delivers water savings without compromising comfort and performance

You can check out all the Reno Rumble Kohler stars on the website.

Kohler features in Hamptons style bathroom – see the full bathroom reveals on our Victorian retail partner E&S Trading’s Reno Rumble website.

Kohler bathroom products selected on Renovation Rumble

Kohler was one of the stars in the first week’s challenge of Channel 7’s Reno Rumble when the Blue Team chose the beautifully sculptural Lithocast freestanding Abrazo bath to make a statement that both judges – Darren Palmer and Romy Alwill – absolutely loved.

Abrazo lithocast bath from Kohler

Kohler’s bold Abrazo Lithocast freestanding bath

Other appearances by Kohler in the Blue bathroom were the Stillness chrome 3 piece basin mixer set and a pair of Rain Duets with Round Showerhead that deliver a deluge the equivalent of a rain shower (thanks to Katalyst technology) and yet is still rated at 3 Star WELS.

Stillness basin set

Stillness hob mount basin set featured with Ladena undercounter basin

The Red Team, who this week lost out to the Blues, chose Kohler’s multi-award-winning Moxie Bluetooth showerhead for its main bathroom – an innovative 3 star WELS shower that connects to virtually any bluetooth device to stream music directly into the shower.

Kohler Moxie showerhead

Kohler Moxie Bluetooth showerhead – 125mm version pictured above

You can check out all the Reno Rumble Kohler stars on the website.

To see the bathroom room reveals, visit our Victorian partner E&S Trading’s Reno Rumble website.

Watch out for more Kohler bathroom products selected on Renovation Rumble in the coming weeks.

Top 5 new bathroom categories in 2015…

Following on from our last blog talking about the 5 leading trends from Kohler’s Director of new product development, Mark Bickerstaffe, this blog looks at the top 5 new bathroom categories in 2015…


Digital printing and texturing has revolutionised tile and surface design recreating natural, vintage and seemingly authentic materials. Huge strides in the manufacture of thin, tough ceramic sheets at large scale mean we can now do almost anything. Smart glass is also transitioning from external to internal architecture – think self-cleaning and optically adjustable.

Kohler Loure and Ladena

Contrasting surface design, printing and textures makes for an interesting bathing experience. Featuring Loure tapware and Ladena undercounter basin.


Kohler DTV+ revolutionises what we think of as a shower experience. For the first time we can design a whole body experience and provide it without unnecessary complication. This new technology means we can now seamlessly interweave water, steam, light and sound into the spa experience and customise to individual needs.

Kohler DTV+

Kohler’s new DTV+ revolutionises the showering experience.

Kohler Watertiles

Seamlessly interweave water, steam, sound and light into your spa experience.


Lighting remains the oft-forgotten essential to good bathrooms. OLED and digital technology now allow optimisation of hue and intensity to suit the time and task.

Lighting in Kohler bathroom

Subtle bathroom lighting to complement the time and task.

Lighting_Kohler bathroom

When it comes to task lighting, lights on either side of the vanity are essential.


The humble and ubiquitous toilet is undergoing a revolution. The intelligent toilet has become a new category – technology now enables us to improve hygiene by killing bacteria, controlling cleaning cycles for ourselves and the bowl and optimise resource consumption so as to use only what is required. Kohler’s Numi, Veil, Karing, C3 series, Pureclean and Purefresh are all examples of this.

Kohler Veil

Kohler smart toilets – the new Veil integrated toilet.
Where technology meets art.


Sustainability is already integrated into the products we see and use in the bathroom and codes and standards continue to drive improvement. What is lagging behind is consumer sentiment, driven in part by an individual’s available resources.

Kohler invests heavily in understanding the science behind what we do and need in a bathroom so as to explore new ways to minimise resource consumption without sacrificing the quality of the experience. This has led to such innovations as air induction and spray improvement in showering. Digital control, in which Kohler is a leader, is another. This allows the user to tune water consumption, temperature and duration so as to deliver a customised experience while also conserving resources such as water and energy.

Cleaning and hygiene is a hidden tale of sustainability. The reality is the impact of cleaning products on the environment is most often far more significant than the manufacturing of the product in the first place. By concentrating on this Kohler products are made easier to clean and maintain long term.

Kohler's new Touchless Toilet

Kohler’s innovative Touchless Toilet


Kohler’s five leading trends in bathroom design

In a recent address to Australian audiences Mark Bickerstaffe, UK-based Director of New Product Development, Kohler Co, outlined five leading trends in bathroom design – WELL-BEING, ENHANCED EVERYDAY, COMMUNITY, ENGAGING and CLASSIC TECH.


There are two strands to the WELL-BEING trend leading new architecture and design – CONTEMPLATIVE and PRO ACTIVE.

CONTEMPLATIVE WELL-BEING prioritises emotional restoration and carefully selects a harmonious collection of natural material, colour and texture. Think natural finish, satin metals, linen, pale pastels and bleached naturals.

Kohler bathrooms

Natural finishes and satin metals meld together in this bathroom

Contemplate Well-being encompasses natural finshes, satins, pastels and bleached naturals

Contemplate Well-being encompasses natural finshes, satins, pastels and bleached naturals

PRO ACTIVE WELLBEING is grasping one’s own destiny by building confidence in oneself through physical and mental fitness and working and applying the latest understanding and technology to achieve this. This is being expressed through modern and purposeful design – expect polycarbonate tints and tones, stoneware, technical fabrics and the avant garde.

Kohler trend_Avant Garde

Exploring variation in textures, tones, materials and styles

Enhanced Everyday

The ENHANCED EVERYDAY is more about ‘we’ than ‘me’, embracing new technology and solutions to make life easier and better. Again there are two strands – the SEAMLESS whereby oaks, light brushed steel, white on white and black come to the fore. OVERSTATED, on the other hand, embraces walnut, raw concrete, tan leather, satin steel, biomimetic architecture and iridescence.

Kohler Leading trends White on White

White on White

Kohler white on white

Kohler white on white bathroom featuring Reve basin and Purist Polished Gold basin mixer

Our Community

OUR COMMUNITY represents personal connection and relates to crafts. In many ways this is a traditional lifestyle whereby we happily focus on and utilise what is within local reach. Expect local ply, concrete, black, blown smoky glass and smoky iridescence. And lots of DIY.

Concrete and timber merge to create a stunning yet simple space

Concrete and timber merge to create a stunning yet simple space

Kohler leading trends_Elevated Mundane

Community – locally sourced materials keep the concept true to ‘localism’


ENGAGING is the new post-modernity – a worldly eclecticism, individual expression – seen in warm wood grains, texture, leathers, surrealism, pattern clashes and augmented 80s influence.

A 'mash-up' of patterns and styles - featuring Karbon sink mixer

A ‘mash-up’ of patterns and styles – featuring Karbon sink mixer


And finally, CLASSICISM endures. Luxury rooted in the traditions of exclusivity, rarity, glass and glamour is evolving. Expect to see polished metals and metallics, oily finishes, ebony and crafted leather.

Kolhler black and bronze bathroom

Kohler black and bronze bathroom

Kohler black and white bathroom

The enduring black and white bathroom

These trends demonstrate that technology is everywhere and will continue into our bathrooms. The most profound effect of technology – beyond controlling water, light and sound – will be in wellbeing. The bathroom will become the place where we monitor and enhance physical and emotional health. Looking ahead, we expect to see sensors, for example, embedded in products and the environment that will allow us to measure vital health statistics and secure communications will allow us to use the environment as a portal to our chosen healthcare provider.

Our next blog will talk about what Mark believes are the top 5 new products and/or categories in the bathroom space.

Bathroom essentials … choosing a countertop basin

Countertop basins tick all the right boxes for many of us – you can choose from understated, statement piece or refreshing pop of pattern or texture – it really can be the defining point of any bathroom.

The Conical Bell Vessels basin is a beautiful, on-trend countertop basin. Reminiscent of washbasins of past eras, its simple lines and curves suit both classical and contemporary style suites.

Kohler's Conical Bell Vessels Basin with the Cuff Tall Basin Mixer

Kohler’s Conical Bell Vessels Basin with the Cuff Tall Basin Mixer

An Artist Edition version of the Conical Bell Vessels basin features the Empress Bouquet Design. A perfect example of eye-catching pattern, the brilliant detailing is a modern interpretation of 18th century Chinese print work.  Its delicate floral motif features gold and metallic highlights and works beautifully with some of Kohler’s new PVD finish tapware in rose gold.

Conical Bell Vessels Basin - Empress Bouquet

Conical Bell Vessels Basin with Empress Bouquet

For those seeking an understated approach the elegant Forefront series of basins come in a range of shapes to suit any vanity top.

The Forefront rectangular countertop basin offers generous space, integrated counter top and clean lines.  It can be installed with either wall or bench/hob mounted taps.

Forefront Rectangular basin

Kohler’s Forefront rectangular basin

The Forefront square basin’s clean, minimalist lines and graceful curves make the basin a perfect choice for classical or contemporary bathrooms that will stand the test of time.

Bathroom products taps - Stance tall basin mixer tap

Forefront square counter-top basin with Stance tall basin mixer

And for a truly striking piece that will set the scene for any bathroom, check out the Antilia Wading Pool.  Comprising a thick, concave, rectangular slab of cast glass this iconic piece gives the impression of being formed over decades of sitting beneath a never ending waterfall.  And while its subtly rippled surface gives the sense of a time worn piece its beautiful light-reflective form gives a very modern day sense of the shifting fluidity of nature.

Antilia Wading Pool Glass Basin

Nature’s Chemistry – Kohler’s stunning Antilia Wading Pool Glass Basin with Purist Basin Mixer

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