Bathroom design embraces art deco style

Take the renovation of a 70’s architectural home, combine the client’s love of Art Deco – and our guest blogger Kelly Gammie of Eucalyptus Design’s desire to give it a contemporary edge – and this is the outcome.

Reve Basin with Stance tap

Kohler’s Reve Basin & Stance Basin Mixer.
Courtesy of Eucalyptus Design

I wanted to create a distinctive look that has the warmth of timber to give a natural balance to the classic combination of black, white & grey.

The bathroom spaces for this father and son duo needed to have a sense of masculinity – but nothing too oppressive.  My inspiration came from their interest in cars which is reflected in the race track starting grid pattering of the tiles.

The combination of angular fixtures with the tiles and timber shade creates a winning combination.

The combination of angular fixtures with the tiles and timber shade creates a winning combination.

Working with this family in mind made the selection of black tiles easy with no hesitation from the client. I love the drama of black especially when off set with warm timber features and the more light-hearted grid pattern.

I specifically chose Kohler’s popular Stance and Reve bathroomware to both compliment the edginess of the fit-out and to give it a completely modern look.

The clean, sharp lines of the Stance tapware continues the drama created by the tiles as well as being extremely functional.

The theme and choice of key fixtures continues in the powder room. Courtesy of Eucalyptus Design.

The theme and choice of key fixtures continues in the powder room.
Courtesy of Eucalyptus Design.

An enameled Reve Cast Iron freestanding bath and the Reve wall hung basin have a solidity to continue the masculine theme, their beautiful softened square lines hint at furniture from the Art Deco era.

The Kohler Flipside Slide Shower is always my shower slide of choice. It is sleek in design, attaching flat to the shower wall and is so easy to use with it’s magnetic sliding mechanism. Coupled with the RainCan showerhead, it’s the perfect pairing.

Showering tapware includes the Flipside Slide Shower, Raincan Square Showerhead and dual Stance Shower Mixers

Showering tapware includes the Flipside Slide Shower, Raincan Square Showerhead and dual Stance Shower Mixers

The large open level-entry showers enabled me to create indulgent double showers with an essential double mixer arrangement allowing two people to shower at the same time.

Using a round mirror relieves what could be a monotony of angles giving the whole space an unexpected pop.

Images courtesy of Kelly Gammie, Eucalyptus Design

Take a tip from a cool desert bathroom

December 12, 2014 | Posted in: Bathroom Design,Bathroom Makeovers
Kohler bathroom

A Curation of Colour and Design – a collaboration of Kohler product with US paint company Benjamin Moore results in this stunning Californian desert home.

A mid-century home on the edge of the Californian desert used a perfectly balanced mix of serene blues, tactile glass and pristine whites to create a cooling, relaxing retreat from hot desert winds – it’s a winning colour palette that can work equally well in coastal bathrooms.

Colour inspiration came from the blue skies of the surrounding desert with key fixtures such as glass basins and contemporary styled cast iron bath coming from Kohler. The light grey high gloss floor tiles add a further dimension to the otherwise two-toned space – while the white fixtures pop in contrast to the serene blue wall hues.

The unique texture of Kohler’s Nature’s Chemistry spun glass basins is the perfect complement to the sleek, hard surfaces – there are a number in the range, including the Kallos multi-faceted under bench design and the beautifully crafted cast glass Antilia Wading Pool model.

Kohler's Nature's Chemistry Glass Basins

Kohler’s Nature’s Chemistry Spun Glass Basins

The Reve cast iron bath is a refreshing contemporary take on the traditional freestanding bath – its modernist design incorporates geometric faceted lines, wider back ledge for storage of bathing products and elevated plinth to increase the architectural statement of the piece.

Kohler bathroomware

A Palm Springs home features the stunning Kohler Reve Cast Iron Freestanding Bath

Wallmount tapware contributes to the clean, uncluttered aesthetic and Kohler’s Purist and Stillness collections provide perfectly balanced, simply designed options.

And in warm climates it’s essential to get the showering options right! Here the owners have used a combination of the bluetooth enabled Moxie and the overhead RainCan shower head. Moxie streams music, talk and podcasts directly into the shower stall through an integrated speaker in the showerhead. Both sound quality and water coverage, rated at 3 star WELS, are excellent.

Kohler RainCan & Moxie showerheads

Desert House – Featuring Kohler RainCan and Moxie showerheads

The RainCan shower head meanwhile features Katalyst Spray Technology whereby a luxurious and drenching rainshower experience is delivered (while maintaining a 3 star WELS rating). The shower cleverly introduces two litres of air into the water stream every minute to create large, drenching water droplets that both massage and rejuvenate the skin.

RainCan Showerhead Tapware

RainCan Square Showerhead

Note: Not all products shown in this article are available in Australia and NZ.

Aleo taps into understated style

Understated design, geometric profiles and technical proficiency are the benchmark for today’s tapware and Aleo, from Kohler, is the latest addition.

Aleo Basin Mixer

Kohler’s Aleo Tall Basin Mixer

Designed for undermount or countertop basins the taps, in two sizes, feature beautifully simple lines that belie the technical prowess of the Aleo.

An internal cartridge, coupled with an aerator, creates excellent water efficiency, limiting flow to just six litres a minute, while the slender design of the handle ensures easy, accurate control of both flow and temperature.

The single lever of the Aleo features flat top styling that matches the spout contours and partners perfectly with the emerging trend to low profile countertop basins and undermounts.

Aleo features two basin mixers – tall and standard – plus a bath/shower mixer with or without diverter.  All Kohler tapware features anti-twist hoses and a high quality polished chrome finish that is resistant to both tarnishing and corrosion.

Kohler Aleo Basin Mixer

Aleo Standard Basin Mixer


Kohler Aleo Tall Basin Mixer

Aleo Tall Basin Mixer


Kohler Aleo B/S Mixers

Aleo Bath & Shower Mixers (with and without diverter)

Just Reach for the most efficient toilet

November 29, 2014 | Posted in: New Products,Toilet Designs

The very latest in toilet design will deliver water savings of almost 600 litres* a week plus improved cleaning efficiencies.

Kohler’s new Reach compact toilet – ideal for smaller bathrooms and ensuites – carries a 4 Star WELS rating, having a 4.5 litre full flush and 3 litre half flush, and sports distinct improvements to its internal design.

Reach Compact Basin and Toilet Suite

Perfect for small spaces – Kohler’s compact duo, Reach Basin and Reach Back to Wall Toilet Suite

Traditionally toilets have featured an unglazed open rim – however Kohler has chosen the far more efficient box rim and added a smooth glaze. The clear advantage of this is
that there is a more even water distribution during the flush, which improves the cleaning of the bowl.

In addition, the glazing on and under the rim prevents bacteria from breeding – an excellent feature given this area is almost impossible to reach with cleaning materials.

The design of the Reach is in direct response to the current trend towards streamlined fixtures for more compact bathrooms and ensuites. Unlike conventional toilets the Reach only protrudes 600mm, instead of the usual 650 to 720mm, while its profile is one of soft curves and clean lines, with no angles or ridges to trap dirt or dust.

New Reach Compact Back to Wall Toilet Suite

New Reach Compact Back to Wall Toilet Suite

An additional convenience feature is the ‘S’ trap Vario bend which simplifies and speeds the installation of the toilet – a huge plus for the consumer as it reduces the plumbing bill!

Another clear benefit of the Reach is the soft close seat, with chrome hinges – it closes quietly and gently.

Reach Back To Wall Toilet

Kohler’s compact toilet offering – Reach Toilet Suite

The Kohler Compact Reach Back-to-Wall toilet suite carries a 4 star WELS rating.

*Based on a family of four using a single flush toilet (11 litres per flush)
12 times a day.

Kohler awash with new ideas for tight spaces

November 28, 2014 | Posted in: Basins,Bathroom Design,Bathroom Makeovers

The preference for including ensuites and powder rooms in the average family home has accentuated the demand for space-saving bathroom fixtures that create the perception of space in a limited area.

A popular solution is the low profile wall hung basin- or a counter top version that can be mounted on an undersized wall mounted vanity.

Kohler Company, a global leader in bathroom design and innovation, has expanded its basin offering in response to this trend by introducing a number of new designs and adding extra sizes to best selling existing models. While each of the basins is compact in design they forfeit nothing in the way of style or eye-catching features.

For those craving a statement piece with sleek, geometric lines the Reve offers three different sizes, integrated counter space for toiletries and a beautifully faceted profile. The largest 1055mm wide model protrudes just 500mm from the wall while the smaller Reve 800mm model has a more compact 412mm protrusion and the mini 650mm option a mere 400mm!

Reve Wall Hung Basin

Kohler’s Reve Wall Hung Basin with Stance Basin Mixer. Courtesy of Eucalyptus Design

One of the newest additions to the Kohler range is the sleek, lineal Reach wall mount basin with optional integrated towel rail in brushed steel. Protruding just 225mm from the wall and with a width of 500mm it offers the perfect solution for tight spaces while allowing ample room for ablutions. Larger models of the Reach are also available – the 700mm and the 1050mm models both feature large flat vanity areas either side of the
basin for storing toiletries while again barely impinging on the overall space.

Reach Compact Basin and Toilet Suite

Perfect for small spaces – Kohler’s compact duo, Reach Basin and Reach Back to Wall Toilet Suite

For a dose of unadulterated luxury in a confined space the Antilia Wading Pool slab of beautiful cast glass is hard to beat. Its subtle rippled texture and slightly concave shape perfectly mimics the time-worn surface of natural stone under a cascade of water.

Antilia Wading Pool Glass Basin

Nature’s Chemistry – Kohler’s stunning Antilia Wading Pool Glass Basin

And for really tight spaces a corner basin, like the Ove, can be the ideal fit. It takes just 225mm of space on each wall yet offers ample room for hand washing.


Kohler takes a Stance on modern tapware

November 26, 2014 | Posted in: bathroom taps,New Products,Tapware
Bathroom products taps - Stance basin tap

Stance basin mixer

In a striking example of restraint creating the ultimate in bold design, the brand new Stance tapware collection from Kohler exudes simple, unembellished style.

Featuring a single column with refined spout and joy stick control, the Stance basin mixer makes a bold statement in the contemporary bathroom by virtue of its superb re-working of the classic elements of good design.

Featuring basin, bath and shower mixers plus a very contemporary, minimalist slide shower, Stance provides a uniform design approach to every aspect of water delivery in the modern bathroom.

Basin mixers come in both a tall and standard size, in a hob and wall mount option.  Bath mixers also offer the choice of hob or wall mount installation, both in perfect step with their basin counterparts.  Shower/bath mixers – with and without diverter – feature an elegant ‘touch me’ lever mounted on a polished chrome backplate while the beautiful, statement-making bath spouts, in wall mounted and hob mounted options, are visual replicas of their basin mixer cousins.

The Stance basin mixers are all five star WELS rated, using just six litres of water a minute, while the Stance shower carries the maximum 3 star WELS rating using only 9 litres of water a minute.

Bathroom products taps - Stance single lever basin mixer

Stance basin mixer


Kohler's Stance Tall Basin Mixer

Stance Tall Basin Mixer

Bathroom products taps - Stance wall mount bath mixer

Stance Wall Mount Bath Mixer

Bathroom products taps - Stance shower or bath mixer

Stance Bath or Shower Mixer

Stance Bath or Shower Mixer w diverter

Stance Bath or Shower Mixer w diverter

Artists give toilets a “makeover” for World Toilet Day

November 19, 2014 | Posted in: Innovation,News,Toilet Designs


World Toilet Day – November 19 – was marked in Sydney with a joint venture between Engineers Without Borders and Kohler.

An exhibition of 25 Kohler toilets, each painted by a different NSW artist, went on display outside Sydney’s historic Customs House for a period of three days.

World Toilet Day 2014

Artistically inspired Kohler toilets on display at World Toilet Day 2014

The colourful, highly creative ‘toilet art’ drew considerable attention from media and passers by and shed light on the very real global issue that about 500,000 children die every year due to the lack of adequate sanitation.

World Toilet Day 2014

Kohler toilets as you’ve never seen them before! World Toilet Day 2014

World Toilet Day is an annual UN initiative to raise awareness of this issue and the quest to find a solution is something Kohler has been passionately involved in for a number of years.

In 2012 Kohler Co joined Caltech in a collaboration to develop a photovoltaic fully sustainable toilet as part of the Reinvent the Toilet Challenge hosted by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Currently the Caltech/Kohler self-contained water purification and disinfection toilet system – that allows water to be reused and does not require wastewater disposal – is being trialled in India.  Every detail of the project, from the specific plumbing products inside to the exterior décor (by Indian artists) has been carefully chosen to best reflect the Indian culture.

Read new clips here:

ABC News – Porcelain art aims to spark conversations about global health problem

Wateraid Australia – Artists give toilets a spray for World Toilet Day

Daily Telegraph – Celebrating the great Aussie outdoor dunny for a good cause on World Toilet Day


‘Centre Stage’ in the kitchen

November 4, 2014 | Posted in: Kitchen Design

High technology meets human design

Worldwide research by Kohler into kitchen tapware has shown key features, desired by consumers from the UK to Russia and the US to Australia, are a swivel head, long reach spout and eye catching aesthetics.

Kitchen mixer taps, says Kohler, have achieved new status in the appliance pecking order. They are expected to have extensive functionality – a drenching but low volume spray for cleaning fruit and vegetables; a forceful flow for washing greasy pots and pans; and a long reach spout for filling tall vases and buckets. In addition they must excel in water conservation while exhibiting stand-out good looks as they take centre stage in the busiest room in the house.

A prime example of these expectations is the Karbon by Kohler.

The 5 star WELS rated Karbon mixer features a sleek, deck-mounted joystick for easy grip and precise temperature and flow control; a choice of forceful spray and laminar water flow options accessed at the touch of a button; and four slender, tubular sections joined by industrial-design articulated joints so the tap can literally be positioned exactly where it is needed and then left there.

The versatility and reach of the tap is ideal for filling tall vases and pots, for food preparation and for all cleaning and rinsing tasks.

Whatever position the Karbon mixer tap is left in instantly becomes a sculptural artform – it will remain in exactly the position it is left, leaving both hands free for food preparation and cleaning.

Each of the articulating joints has been engineered to ensure exceptionally smooth and effortless handling and positioning.

When choosing a kitchen tap always select one with a tarnish and corrosion resistant finish for longevity and durability.

Toilet talk … Kohler’s commitment to delivering sustainable sanitation

Kohler Australia has joined forces with Not For Profit organisation Engineers Without Borders to celebrate National Toilet Day on November 19.

We will be highlighting the issue of lack of sanitation – and its devastating effects – with a display of more than 20 toilets outside Sydney Harbour’s Customs House.  Each toilet will have had an ‘artistic makeover’ by one of a group of Sydney artists participating in the event.

This latest initiative is part of Kohler’s overall commitment to helping deliver sustainable sanitation to some of the most impoverished communities around the globe.

Recently Kohler partnered with Caltech in developing a solar-powered fully sustainable toilet that includes a self-contained water purification and disinfection system.  This toilet is already in  use in India – see the two videos below for a full appreciation of just how clever this toilet is.



Kohler’s Moxie is a favourite with Oprah!

In her highly successful  “The O Magazine,” Oprah Winfrey says the Moxie Bluetooth Showerhead is one of her favourite items.

In  September’s (2014) issue,  Oprah’s ‘The O List’ is dedicated to some of her favourite products for achieving a makeover easily and beautifully. 

Along with brands such as Ralph Lauren and All-Clad, Kohler’s Moxie rechargeable 3 star WELS showerhead is lauded for its ability to stream music into the shower stall from any bluetooth enabled device. 

Oprah recommends Beyonce! 

Moxie on Oprah's O List in Sept O Mag

Moxie Bluetooth Showerhead features in Oprah's "The O List" in Sept O Magazine

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